Work plan

The Succeed support action is structured into the seven work packages listed below together with their respective operative objectives

Coordination (WP1)

  • Ensures that the activities are carried out on time, and completed accurately and with the required quality.

  • Facilitates the communication among partners and with the European Commission.

  • Manages financial and contractual matters.

Interoperability and infrastructure (WP2)

  • Provides and maintains the necessary technical infrastructure for the support action.

  • Facilitates the access to an interoperable platform exposing digitisation tools and supports the integration of new or existing tools created by European research groups.

  • Contributes to the technical interoperability with other platforms and infrastructures.

Validation and take-up of tools (WP3)

  • Surveys existing tools for text digitisation and maintains a dedicated website with up-to-date information about these tools.

  • Defines validation criteria and validation procedure of tools and resources through implementation in controlled scenarios.

Normalisation and standardisation (WP4)

  • Facilitates the implementation of digitisation activities by identifying and the recommending formats and standards.

  • Elaborates a technical analysis and a recommendation on common licensing schemes for tools and resources to further digitisation activities in Europe.

Evaluation, awards and competitions (WP5)

  • Deploys the necessary infrastructure to evaluate and report on new and emerging approaches to digitisation.

  • Spreads awareness of new methods and techniques by organising competitions and awards which reward the application of research results in new production environments.

Dissemination and community building (WP6)

  • Enhances the visibility and impact of the activities implemented by Succeed by collecting the outputs of the project and identifying appropriate communication channels to disseminate them.

  • Raises the awareness of research results in digitisation through the implementation of a dissemination plan for technological results, scientific events, and educational resources in digitisation.

Sustainability and roadmapping (WP7)

  • Supports the European Commission in the preparation of future calls by proposing what measures must be taken to address the dissemination of EU research results in the area of digitisation and digital preservation of cultural heritage.

  • Describes best management procedures and business models for the maintenance of competence centres in digitisation.

  • Identifies the quality requirements for the output of digitisation tools that will permit new forms of commercial exploitation of digitised content and the opportunities for the cooperation of private and public funding in digitisation programmes and advanced research.